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Before you continue reading, please be aware that the following text reveals more details about the characters and setting of Earth Boy - Orphan of the Stars. It is intended for readers already acquainted with the setting and will continously be populated with more information - some of it not even included in the Atean Chronicles.


The Spiral Arm is what the known species in Earth Boy - Orphan of the Stars and Earth Boy - The Hidden Watchers call the millions upon millions of stars in their small part of the Milky Way Galaxy. To be more exact it is the Sagittarius Arm of our galaxy. Although this part of our galaxy is full of unfathomable, vast and cold empty voids and dangerous natural phenomenon, it is in galactic terms full of intelligent life, spacestations, retro-Lifts, invading armadas, restworlds, galactic ringroutes and countless mysteries. A few of these are described below.



The heroes, heroines and heroits of the Atean Chronicles are unlikely friends separated by culture and interests, not to mention thousands of years, physical matter and preferred sustenance. But in order to survive they ally and slowly build a great friendship against the rising darkness of the Spiral Arm.  

Elliot Stormsson


The Swedish orphan from the Höder Orphanage who doesn't shy away from adventure or injustices.  

Elliot is tall for his age (12) with curly sandy-brown hair and green eyes. He can burp on command, make farting noises with his armpit and has a tongue which he can stick all the way up into his nostril, making everybody laugh in amazement.

Elliot is polite and kind but annoyingly inquisitive at times. He has a strong sense of righteousness and is open to new people and places. To the annoyance of the grumpy and nasty orphanage manager, Elliot likes jokes and pranks. 

But being alone in life is something which gnaws at Elliot's thoughts and very soul. He longs for a family and a place where he can belong. 

Princess Molnír "Molly" Asir of Valdanna


The proud (and often intimidating) princess and heiress of the Atean Star-Kingdom often has braided blond hair (depending on the setting  of her Memo Hair-Gel) and is stylishly freckled (nobody would dare argue). She's an excellent self-taught hacker, professional botherer of grown-ups and equipped with the best decentralised processing units and implants a princess can buy. Although often spoilt, rude, prejudiced and angry, she actually hides her sad, abandoned and lonely feelings well. It's not always easy to be blood-thirsty and intimidating royalty, used to being obeyed, stuck in a much more quiet and peaceful time.


Little Brother


A stage Ten Artificial Intelligence housed in a black briefcase. Little Brother was programmed and trained in the shadow of his superior Big Brother (a stage Twelve AI) but lacks his older sibling's disdain and Besserwisserism. As a  matter of fact, Little Brother totally lacks self confidence and courage, but makes this up with tidbits of encyclopedian knowledge at often entirerly wrong occassions. Little Brother attended SPMB at USS* and excels at human-machine miscommunication. 


* Sentiency Programming and Matrix Building at the University for Synthetic Sentients. 



The species of the Spiral Arm are as diverse and strange as they are varyingly dangerous or comical. 


Furanians (Furries)

Small round furry aliens with large blue eyes and long ears. Furanians skip like birds and speak with high-pitched voices. These peacful and pacifistic herbivores, often panic or faint when experiencing violence. Despite this they have managed to exterminate their ancestral predator - the Snarrk. Furanians are wary of humans due to theur violent history and interstellar grandeur.


Humans (Atean)

The ancestors of the ancient Atlanteans of Earth. Now referred to as Ateans, simply because it’s easier to say. Their history amongst the stars is long and sadly brutal at times.


Cro’lichks (Cruelies)

Truly evil, nasty looking, stinking, disgusting fiends and antagonists with a strange ancient war declared against all non-senior humans. Their ships are feared by all as they scheme to take over the Spiral Arm. These fiendish aliens suffer from a lesser race memory, remembering mainly strong emotions such as hate and pain, and therefore getting grumpier every century as a race. (Relaxation, poetry and soothing slime baths does help somewhat).

Cro'lichks are generally bulky with nasty bony spikes and large clawed hands. They are preferably covered in clinking ceramsteel armour painted with ghastly figures of death. Long hooked noses, jutting yellow fangs, black lolling tongues and blood shot brown eyes are markers of their distinct appearance as well as the accompanying stink of brimstone and rotting meat. 

They growl and howl.


Grunans (Grunts)

Cowardly, scared, pacifistic thin humanoids who work for most of the other races. Tall and pale with long red hair braids which move of their own accord. Grunans have no humour but an acute sense of direction – even in space. Grunans will NEVER try to win an argument or even dare to consider entering a physical conflict.


Vurites (Whites)

Beautiful, faerie-like, untouchable, lucky, tall and slender, with pearly white skin, long white hair and eyes the colour of mother of pearl. The Vurites often wear flowing blue robes and never seem to bother what happens around them.  These absent-minded, high-tech aliens somehow refer to all high-tech as magic. Ever smiling and semingly stupid, the Vurites are only briefly intelligent when living in symbiosis with a deep sea sponge known as a Porian.


S’margs (Smellies)

Grumpy, flat faced, golden eyed, snake-like, smelly informants who are always greedy and cautious negative. S'marg's have no arms, instead their tails end in several branching tentacles that can grasp and delicately manipulate objects. Always count your fingers after shaking hands with a grunan, is the saying throughout the Spiral Arm. It is also said that a grunan can acquire the unobtainable and sell the unmarketable. 


Idagons (Idiots)

Never serious, furry, six-armed and six eyed tricksters, the idagons were originally from the planet Asman, which they lost in a game of cards. Although generally harmless and quite annoying, Idagons always play elaborate pranks and are proud to be regarded as interstellar pains-in-the-arses of most of the species of the Spiral Arm. They often serve as workers, pilots or mechanics and love to tinker with technology. 

Sarapids (Squids)

Squid-like yellow creatures from a water world. They are famous explorers who have been to the furthest reaches of the Spiral Arm in their genererational ships.


Snakirra (Sneakers)

Mysterious, grey, black almond-eyed, classical abduction-looking ancients who seem to have agents everywhere.


Skar’ley (Scalies)

Regal and benevolent humanoid lizards from a great and stable Empire. The taller ruling caste wear elaborate colourful robes and golden metal headpieces and are served by a smaller and stouter servant caste.


Sha Kiff (Shifters)

Plant-like shape changers who are not so clever, but often used by others for entertainment, dupery or simple spywork.


Vo’Orrn (Worms)

Giant worms living under great water pressure in the crushing dark icy oceans of ice worlds and moons. The Vo'Orrns come from the far reaches of Spiral Arm and normally have little contact with humans.


Radorians (Radars)

Insectoid and lethally radioactive aliens from a gas giant deep within the core of the Spiral Arm.

Morallin Enervours

Creatures of pure energy that normally avoids all organic lifeforms. Their existence is largely unknown, except by the Hidden Watchers. Sparkling creatures of energy that move around as fast as lightning. They sometimes interact wearing enormous bulky, nearly round armour which covers any clues to their species.

Mist Spiders

Known only in legends today, these cretaures are rare and live secluded. Their bodies produce concealing mist.


Horned humanoids who are quite comfortable with the common belief that they are extinct.

Zip Zaps

Microscopic yet overconfident aliens which just recently have expanded their immense (but tiny and unseen) empire into the Spiral Arm. 


Anonymous, unknown and possibly boring species, which constantly seems embarrased of being covered top to toe in moustaches of different sizes.


Rebellious and deadly machine-creatures and expert robot manufacturers which were dismantled after their rebellion was quenched and all of their people destroyed.

Massikita (Mosquito People)
Dreaded blood sucking aliens which were defeated by the Atean humans and the Skar'ley Empire. Humans took over their worlds as a reward for freeing the spiral arm of this threat.

Extinct, wise old aliens who are often referred to as the Children of the Founders

Mysterious ancient race that supposedly were the first to travel through space. Strange artefacts or remains of this species are sometimes found throughout the Spiral Arm. Rumoured to have originated far outside the Spiral Arm.

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